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WPSyncSheets For WPForms

WPForms Google Spreadsheet Addon

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Recently Updated On 4th April 2022
WPSyncSheets For WPForms plugin sync with your WPForms entries to single Google Spreadsheet.
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Best WordPress Plugin For WPForms And Google Spreadsheet Integration

WPSyncSheets For WPForms is a codeless and user-friendly plugin that works as a connector between WPForms and Google Sheets.

  • Create Auto Google Spreadsheets

    WPSyncsheets automatically Google Spreadsheets and saves all your WPForms submissions with just a single click.

  • Save All Entries

    The plugin will sync your new entries as well as existing entries without losing a single lead.

  • Add/Edit/Delete/Reorder Columns

    You get flexible options to manage your sheet directly from the settings page. Add, edit, delete or reorder columns in the sheet as per your preference.

  • View/Clear/Download Spreadsheet

    Apart from column options, you also get complete control over the sheet. You can view, clear, and even download the sheet with just a single click.

  • Freeze Auto First Row

    From the plugin’s Settings tab, you can freeze the first row of your Google spreadsheet. There’s no need to open a sheet separately for formatting.

  • Mapping Sheet Headers

    Form fields can be automatically mapped with Google sheets. You can connect WPForms fields to spreadsheet headings.

  • Submission Date & Time Option

    WPSyncsheets For WPForms, create a column in the sheet and display the form submission date & time.

  • Conditional Logic Feature

    Set conditional logic and send entries to the spreadsheets only if the particular conditions are satisfied.

Our Customers Speak for us!

This is a great product which has greatly helped to extend the functionality of WPForms and the support I got to help install it on my site was outstanding.

Sports Publications

5.0 Rating

Wow, finally a WPForms to google sheet plugin. It makes my life so much easier! Congrats and I really like how easy it is to use!


5.0 Rating

Awesome product! Works like a charm.

J M Flores

5.0 Rating

Really great support! Plugin works good!


5.0 Rating

The plugin meets all the specifications and the customer support is excellent.


5.0 Rating

I chose design quality since I could only choose 1. Customer service is really super. Thank you again, Arpit! The documentation for setting it up is really well written. It’s an excellent plugin and it made a difficult challenge quite simple. Highly recommended!

Lavender Streak

5.0 Rating

Great Plugin and support!!


5.0 Rating

Free Trial

Try out the lite version of the WPSyncsheets For WPForms to check the features and functionality of the plugin.

Free Trial


Check out the live plugin demo and see how it works on your WordPress websites. This will help you get the real experience of the plugin.

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Check out the WPSyncSheets documentation guide on Installation, Setting Up, & FAQs.


Features Why People Love Using WPSyncSheets For WPForms

WPSyncSheets is the best tool to integrate Google Sheets with WPForms. The plugin is packed with plenty of features. Let’s check them out.

Create Auto Google Spreadsheets

WPSyncsheets is a native WordPress plugin that integrates WPForms with Google Sheets. It gives you the flexibility to manage, send, and save your form entries to a single Google Spreadsheet in record time without using any third-party application.

Simply click the Add New button on the Settings page, and the plugin will create a new Google spreadsheet with all of the data from your form fields.

Save All Entries

WPSyncsheets syncs all of your WPForms data to Google Spreadsheets in a matter of seconds. This will save you a huge time by automating and streamlining your work process.

Save New Entries

When you connect WPForms to WPSyncsheets, the plugin will automatically create a Google Spreadsheet and save all of your new form submissions.

Add/Edit/Delete/Reorder Columns

WPSyncSheets For WPForms allows you to control your sheet directly from the plugin’s Settings page. You get an option to add, edit, delete and reorder sheet columns however the way you like.

View/Clear/Download Spreadsheet

Including the column controls, you also get options to manage the spreadsheet’s data. You can view, clear, and download spreadsheet data right from the plugin’s settings page without switching tabs or opening your Google Drive.

Freeze Auto First Row

WPSyncsheets provides you an option to freeze the first row/header of your spreadsheet from the plugin settings page. In this way, you can manage your Google Sheet from one place only.

Mapping Sheet Headers

WPSyncsheets make it easy to map form fields to Google spreadsheets. Users can map the rows within the spreadsheet by enabling sheet headers from the settings page.

Submission Date & Time Option

WPSyncsheets comes with an advanced tracking features: Submission Date and Submission Time.

When users enable this option, a new column will be added to the spreadsheet that displays the time and date of form submissions.

Conditional Logic Feature

WPSyncsheets’ Conditional Logic feature allows you to create smart custom dynamics by setting specific conditions. If the added conditions are met, the form entries will be sent to the Google Sheet; otherwise, no entry will be added

Key Features

A wide range of WPSyncSheets features and extensions that will help you to make your Inventory faster than ever before!

New Spreadsheet
and Sheet
IP Address &
Page URL
Enable / Disable
Sheet Headers
Sheet Header
Date / Time


Check out the live plugin demo and see how it works on your WordPress websites. This will help you get the real experience of the plugin.

Live Demo


Check out the WPSyncSheets documentation guide on Installation, Setting Up, & FAQs.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do, error: The site is experiencing technical difficulties. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions?

There are following ways to resolved this error:

  • Revoke token at Google API Settings Page.
  • Check the Google Drive API must be Enable

What should I do, Google Sheets API limit reached?

Please visit link Click Here.

Can I reorder/add/edit the sheets header columns in Google Spreadsheets?

No, We can’t reorder/add/edit the sheet header columns because it will be miss match the orders data

What If I See a Screen Saying “This app isn’t verified”?

Google might display a screen that says “This app isn’t verified. This app hasn’t been verified by Google yet. Only proceed if you know and trust the developer.” There’s no need to worry, though — the message is only referring to the app that you just created in your own Google account (so you are actually the developer in this case).

To bypass this message, you’ll need click Advanced and then Proceed.

Change Logs

Version 3.4 (4 April 2022)
  • Edit Sheet Headers
  • Optimize the code
Version 3.3 (24 February 2022)
  • Optimize the Code
  • Select Existing Spreadsheet issues
Version 3.2 (31 December 2021)
  • Create Sheet Headers based on placeholder if label is empty
Version 3.1 (18 October 2021)
  • Add License Key Code
Version 3.0 (9 August 2021)
  • Brand Name & Security Patch
  • Coding standards improvement as per Envato guidelines
Version 2.3 (6 August 2021)
  • Brand Name & Security Patch for next update
Version 2.2 (6 July 2021)
  • Add Click To Sync button for sync all the existing entries of the forms
  • Add Row Input Format Option
Version 2.1 (2 March 2021)
  • View, Clear & Download Spreadsheet
  • Optimize Code
Version 2.0 (8 December 2020)
  • Officially Name Change WPFormsSheets to WPSyncSheets For WPForms
  • IP Address & Page URL
  • Edit Sheet Headers
  • Sheet Headers Sorting
  • Conditional Logics
Version 1.2 (6 June 2020)
  • Add Submission Date and Submission Time
Version 1.1 (20 May 2020)
  • Update process of Google Sheets API Token
Version 1.0 (7 January 2020)
  • Initial Version
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